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Something amazing just happened…

Yesterday, when it was 1:00 AM and I just celebrated new year, I went to AWAD II thread in the Playfish/EA forum to wish a Happy New Year to all my friends. I also posted my wishes since it’s the new year… I wished for pawmart’s coin pig, a coin wig in stores, and the very last wings I needed to complete my collection (except, for sure, for the ungiftable cash coin ones). It was the dark swan wings and it costed 12cc.

Today, while I was on my laptop, I opened Pet Society and recolted 4cc (8D). I had 3 gifts waiting for me on my doorstep, from a dear friend named Kim. I forgot that I had wished for 3 items, and I clicked on the first gift. And, oh my god, guess what I found? THE DARK SWAN WINGS!!! I couldn’t believe it. Kim even sent me the other two items. She spent 12cc just on me. I dressed my pet with a dress and accessories that matched the wings, and took a pic of Merry thanking Kim for the incredible gift.


Now, all I have to do is wait till they bring the 8 remaining wings to paw mart. And then my dream will come true.

Happy New Year!



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