My Wings Collection.

In Pet Society, I have many fun things to do but my favorite is collecting wings. Every player collects different things in the game like CC bundles, rares, ponies, kitties, or for example apple-related items or frog-related items… Mine is to collect wings for my pet Merry. I just love them! You won’t see my pet Merry not wearing them regularly in PS (except if required for pics). I’ve set a goal to myself: own every wing in PS. Unfortunately, back then, we couldn’t earn free CC like now and I couldn’t buy the wings. But I collected as much as I could. I spent everything on them. And here I am now, having most of the available Pet Society wings. I currently have 66 kinds of wings. This is really a lot. I’m missing only one giftable one, and one buyable CC one. All the others were L.E. and can’t be bought anymore, so I’m waiting for them in paw mart. Let’s hope they will be available soon! πŸ˜€

This is a list of the wings I’m missing:


I’m only able to buy the Dark swan wings for 12 CC ATM. Next week I’ll be able to buy the Holly wings for 10 CC. I will try to trade for the Pterodactyl wings in the forum. The others are all L.E.s and I will wait for them in paw mart.

2 responses to “My Wings Collection.

  1. Good luck on your wing collection πŸ™‚

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