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I finally got the Shangri-La room! :D

Hello! So, like it happened with me with the Dark Christmas room, I was able to finish the quest room before a couple of hours from its expiration date. Here are some pics of what happened then:


I was one click away from completing the most beautiful PS room. How exciting!


I finally completed my room! Yay!

Here’s the room just when I completed it. Merry was so amazed!

Here’s the room after a bit of decorating. Merry already feels comfortable and is playing on the swing with Grandma!


And you, how did you decorate your room? 🙂




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My new art set :)

Hello everyone! 🙂 Since I really loved the look of my pet Merry with the purple wings, I decided to make a new art set for the forum. Here it is:


This is my new Avatar.


This is my new Signature.


This is my new Bump picture. I post it in my thread or others’ threads to bring up the thread to the first page.


This is my new Thanks picture. I post it in members’ profiles after we have done a nice and safe  trade.


So, what do you think of them? 😀


// //


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Next week’s spoilers!

Hey everyone! You may know that the spoilers are already online in Pet Society-Pedia. So here are some of next week’s spoiler pics:

That’s the Theme picture.

Here are a couple of pics of the furniture, which I didn’t like a lot:

Here’s the coin LE that I didn’t like AT ALL. I found it quite creepy :/

But in the opposite side, I REALLY liked the free gift of Wednesday. It’s super cute! ^_^

Here are the craftables:

The collaborative item, quite cute:

Here’s the weekly quest item:

Not to forget that next week a new monthly quest room is coming! 😀

Here are the cc LEs:

This is the MPC LE. It looks lovely but I really doubt that I will be able to buy it.

Aaaand… Yay! We have new LE wings! Quite big but colorful!

And here are next week’s new Mystery Boxes:

Not a big fan about them… The rare isn’t very nice, I find the 1st outfit the most beautiful although it’s not THAT nice… The purple wig is kinda cute but it would’ve been way better is the tails were longer…

Now here’s some of pawmart:

The amazing sweetheart buns wig, I guess I’ll have to buy it…

And of cooourse the lovely blue butterfly wings that I was waiting for for so long! 😀 The lamb also looks cute…


That’s what I’ve got!

And you, what do you think of next week?


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Yay! 5 new wings to my collection!

Hello everybody!

So I managed to buy all 5 new wings from last week, here they are with merry dressed in them:

Here are the Butterfly Meadow Wings, gifted to me by a very generous person because I couldn’t play PS Wed/Thurs 🙂

Here’s the Lady Nectar Wings, which look very beautiful, but too bad they’re not giftable because I bought an extra one for trading 😦


Now here are the evolving wings:

Here they are before they evolve. They all look the same so I took one pic.

Here are the Pearl Wings. They’re wore with the Lady Nectar Dress, Shoes and Hairclip.

Here are the beautiful Azure Wings.

And the best for last…

Here’s Merry in the astonishing Purple Wings that are really amazing. She looks sooooo gorgeous!


Have you bought any of the new wings?


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The quest room – Shangri La


If you have clicked the quest tab in pet society, you should have seen the new long-quest mission “Finding Shangri-La” which was added 2 weeks ago and which makes you win this beautiful room:

So I wanted to google it to see the real Shangri-La. And these are some of the pictures that I got:





It’s really beautiful, right? I can’t wait to complete my room and fill it with birds and butterflies! I think that these are the only items that can fit in the room, because it’s so beautiful that I can’t put any furniture in it! Maybe I could also put a pond in it… We’ll see later 🙂

And you, what will you do with your room?


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New house exterior ^_^

I was visiting Candy’s blog and I saw her new house exterior. So I remembered that I had changed mine and told her I will show it to her, here it is:

It’s flower-themed, and most of it came from the fairy theme, and that was maybe my favorite theme behind butterfly theme next week because it had a LOT of wings (at least 9 as I can remember) and it was the main reason why I started collecting wings.

I spent all my 25 K coins on it but I’m happy with the result, I wished I could have shown it entirely but there were no place 😦 And the PS camera couldn’t capture everything…


So, what about you all change your house exteriors and post a pic here / or in your blog?


1…2…3… Let the decorating begin! 😀



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The blog has been updated with next week’s theme!

Hello everybody! The blog has been udated and here’s a pic of next week’s items:

As you all already know, I’m a HUGE fan of wings and I couldn’t be more happier with next week’s theme!  It’s full of them, there are 5 new wings in stores!3 that are mystery, 1 LE and 1 with the LE outfit (which, by the way, is BEAUTIFUL!). Also, all the items are just awesome. Hope I’ll be able to buy them all!


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Brand new outfits :D

Hi everyone! 🙂


I traded a lot recently and I got some very nice girl outfits:


Witch of the north, very cute:

Which I modified to give me this beautiful look:

(Loony witch wig, Princess fairy stockings, Immaculate fairy wings and summoning bracelet)

Dorothy outfit, very cute except maybe that the wig is weird from the front:

Witch of the east, whose hair reminds me of a Turkish actress :

And witch of the west, I like the fireball but the wig is kinda wrong on the front:


With the occasion, I opened some old bundles that were resting in my chest…


Here’s the Sweet Juliet outfit, that wasn’t as satisfying as I expected…

The Loony witch outfit, or Luna’s outfit, from Harry Potter, I reallllly like the wig ❤

The Smart witch outfit, or Hermione’s outfit, from Harry Potter, the wig is reallllly messy O_o

The Crazy witch outfit, or Bellatrix’s outfit, from Harry Potter, as crazy as ever, doing the Cruciatus Curse 😉


These were some of my outfits… I hope I get the chance to show you others! 🙂




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Have you seen the new V4 ponies?!?

Of course you have seen the new V4 ponies on the blog. I did too. First when I saw them, I thought that yeah, they are a little cute… But then, when I saw the outcomes in the trading forum, and the threads in the general discussion forum, I felt that they were the most ugly and creepy things. They are all ugly! Especially their mouth and legs. Eww!

I will not buy any in my life!

Here’s a pic I made about them:


It really looks like the “You Don’t Say?” face, right? 😀


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Something amazing just happened…

Yesterday, when it was 1:00 AM and I just celebrated new year, I went to AWAD II thread in the Playfish/EA forum to wish a Happy New Year to all my friends. I also posted my wishes since it’s the new year… I wished for pawmart’s coin pig, a coin wig in stores, and the very last wings I needed to complete my collection (except, for sure, for the ungiftable cash coin ones). It was the dark swan wings and it costed 12cc.

Today, while I was on my laptop, I opened Pet Society and recolted 4cc (8D). I had 3 gifts waiting for me on my doorstep, from a dear friend named Kim. I forgot that I had wished for 3 items, and I clicked on the first gift. And, oh my god, guess what I found? THE DARK SWAN WINGS!!! I couldn’t believe it. Kim even sent me the other two items. She spent 12cc just on me. I dressed my pet with a dress and accessories that matched the wings, and took a pic of Merry thanking Kim for the incredible gift.


Now, all I have to do is wait till they bring the 8 remaining wings to paw mart. And then my dream will come true.

Happy New Year!


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