Next week’s spoilers!

Hey everyone! You may know that the spoilers are already online in Pet Society-Pedia. So here are some of next week’s spoiler pics:

That’s the Theme picture.

Here are a couple of pics of the furniture, which I didn’t like a lot:

Here’s the coin LE that I didn’t like AT ALL. I found it quite creepy :/

But in the opposite side, I REALLY liked the free gift of Wednesday. It’s super cute! ^_^

Here are the craftables:

The collaborative item, quite cute:

Here’s the weekly quest item:

Not to forget that next week a new monthly quest room is coming! 😀

Here are the cc LEs:

This is the MPC LE. It looks lovely but I really doubt that I will be able to buy it.

Aaaand… Yay! We have new LE wings! Quite big but colorful!

And here are next week’s new Mystery Boxes:

Not a big fan about them… The rare isn’t very nice, I find the 1st outfit the most beautiful although it’s not THAT nice… The purple wig is kinda cute but it would’ve been way better is the tails were longer…

Now here’s some of pawmart:

The amazing sweetheart buns wig, I guess I’ll have to buy it…

And of cooourse the lovely blue butterfly wings that I was waiting for for so long! 😀 The lamb also looks cute…


That’s what I’ve got!

And you, what do you think of next week?



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