Yay! 5 new wings to my collection!

Hello everybody!

So I managed to buy all 5 new wings from last week, here they are with merry dressed in them:

Here are the Butterfly Meadow Wings, gifted to me by a very generous person because I couldn’t play PS Wed/Thurs 🙂

Here’s the Lady Nectar Wings, which look very beautiful, but too bad they’re not giftable because I bought an extra one for trading 😦


Now here are the evolving wings:

Here they are before they evolve. They all look the same so I took one pic.

Here are the Pearl Wings. They’re wore with the Lady Nectar Dress, Shoes and Hairclip.

Here are the beautiful Azure Wings.

And the best for last…

Here’s Merry in the astonishing Purple Wings that are really amazing. She looks sooooo gorgeous!


Have you bought any of the new wings?



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8 responses to “Yay! 5 new wings to my collection!

  1. They’re all so pretty 😀 but I love the purple ones!

  2. Congrats! I really like the pearl ones and of course, the purple ones :]

  3. I love love love the purple wings!

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