Brand new outfits :D

Hi everyone! 🙂


I traded a lot recently and I got some very nice girl outfits:


Witch of the north, very cute:

Which I modified to give me this beautiful look:

(Loony witch wig, Princess fairy stockings, Immaculate fairy wings and summoning bracelet)

Dorothy outfit, very cute except maybe that the wig is weird from the front:

Witch of the east, whose hair reminds me of a Turkish actress :

And witch of the west, I like the fireball but the wig is kinda wrong on the front:


With the occasion, I opened some old bundles that were resting in my chest…


Here’s the Sweet Juliet outfit, that wasn’t as satisfying as I expected…

The Loony witch outfit, or Luna’s outfit, from Harry Potter, I reallllly like the wig ❤

The Smart witch outfit, or Hermione’s outfit, from Harry Potter, the wig is reallllly messy O_o

The Crazy witch outfit, or Bellatrix’s outfit, from Harry Potter, as crazy as ever, doing the Cruciatus Curse 😉


These were some of my outfits… I hope I get the chance to show you others! 🙂





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4 responses to “Brand new outfits :D

  1. Nice! Can’t wait to see the rest! 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂 Will update soon 🙂

  3. Oh, I love how you used the Witch of the North outfit and made a new outfit!
    The witch of the north is my fav out of all those bundles 🙂

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