Have you seen the new V4 ponies?!?

Of course you have seen the new V4 ponies on the blog. I did too. First when I saw them, I thought that yeah, they are a little cute… But then, when I saw the outcomes in the trading forum, and the threads in the general discussion forum, I felt that they were the most ugly and creepy things. They are all ugly! Especially their mouth and legs. Eww!

I will not buy any in my life!

Here’s a pic I made about them:


It really looks like the “You Don’t Say?” face, right? 😀



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4 responses to “Have you seen the new V4 ponies?!?

  1. I agree! They are creepy 😦

  2. I’m surprised who had the idea to put lipstick and mascara on a pony’s face!

  3. I don’t like the V4s either. I’m hoping that this will be the last pony plushie maker added to the game.

  4. Oh, not to that point. I would love to see other beautiful ponies like the V1s 🙂

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